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Candidate Insight

Candidates can be the best and worst part of your your business. They represent the future of the profession you serve. However, managing candidate information is one of the biggest sources of administrative overhead in your organization. You are constantly sinking time, expense and effort into making sure candidate information is accurate and current. It's not simply a matter of operational efficiency, there can be liabilities to giving a credential to a candidate without proper qualifications and assessment.

Like the Back of Your Hand

What if you could know all the information and status of every candidate just as fast and as thoroughly as you know the back of your hand? That's how Clarus feels - like you've got a second brain dedicated specifically to accessing and interacting with candidate information. And you can securely share that access with everyone in your organization that interacts with candidate information as part of their workflow.

Interactive Data Views

Our innovative data views let you arrange everything from high-level read-only overviews to detailed interactive data portals that enhance workflow. You can customize the access and authority to fit the kinds of tasks your administrators need to perform. Tasks like capturing registration pre-requisites, detailed attestation control, tracking continuing education requirements, candidate flow, payment and scheduling, and more are just a few simple clicks away.

Candidate Self-Management

Candidates are given their own portal to self-serve appropriate profile information such as contact details and uploading of required documents. This saves tremendous time and effort for your team.

Controlled Third-Party Access

Being cloud-based also makes it easy to setup secure and controlled access for third parties that you would like to interact with your information (such as Schools, Employers or State Boards). Third party requests that previously tied up your people's time like tracking down “original source verification” of candidate information or reviewing examination logistics can be configured for the third party to perform themselves.

Consolidate and Accelerate

The first thing setting up Clarus does for you is to consolidate all your candidate information, taking it out of the disconnected pockets where it lives in your organization today: the spreadsheets, the paper files and forms, the isolated databases that you've accumulated over the years and kept glued together with manual processes or clunky syncing tools as your organization grew. With Clarus, all that information takes on a new home in the cloud where it can be accessed and updated rapidly, flexibly, and securely. Clarus accelerates your business by streamlining candidate management, tracking and authorization.

Clarus Tracks and Manages:

  • Candidate self-guided data entry
  • Registration, Exam scheduling and rules creation
  • Status overviews
  • Candidate Notifications
  • Online payment and credit card processing
  • Customizable reporting
  • Creating eligibility logic
  • Conflict resolution
  • Continuing Education course delivery
  • Portals for Candidates, Test Proctors, Institutional & Jurisdictional Users, State Boards, School Coordinators and More!

Outgrown Your Homegrown?

It always starts as a manageable process, but as organizations like yours grow the number of candidate clients you serve grows as well, often at a faster rate than your systems and administrative resources can keep up with - that's when you know you've outgrown the homegrown .

Instead of limping along with disjointed solutions that are straining at the seams you can move to Clarus, a centralized, cloud-based, candidate tracking system. Stop suffering with the stresses and risks of a complex system that is no longer scaling well. Increase your productivity and candidate throughput by bringing all the parts and pieces of candidate management under a single umbrella. You'll gain scalability, security, payment processing, and operational control, while shedding time-consuming tasks like syncing and file management.

Homegrown Headaches:

Syncing Is Slow
Whether executed in automated batches, semi-automated batches or fully manual processes, syncing candidate data is frequently a part of homegrown candidate management. However, syncing is time-consuming, resource draining and prone to consequential errors that tend to get buried in the system if not caught immediately.

Homegrown Systems Are Resource Intensive
Since homegrown solutions also tend to be "home bound" the burden for creating, editing and maintaining candidate information is entirely placed upon the credentialing organization's staff. The staff must proactively collect data from candidates and enter it into the homegrown system. Reminders and requests to verify information, and/or complete partially completed forms must all be initiated through human intervention by the staff. This means drafting letters, emails and phone calls, to chase missing information. This leads to a seemingly endless cycle of data collection -> data entry -> data verification as completed and corrected information trickles in from the candidates and third party institutions. The staff must muster the same type of proactivity to gather attestations and verify candidate credentials that have been issued by third party institutions.

Payment Processes Are Seldom Integrated
Managing the status of prerequisites, eligibility, and credentials is already labor intensive in homegrown solutions, but the lack of integrated payment processing further hinders efficient workflow. In some cases coordinating efforts across departments is necessary to maintain accurate payment status information.

Too Much Triage Not Enough Planning
As exam dates approach, the administrative staff using homegrown solutions face the challenges of verifying eligibility (and payment status) of specific candidates for specific exams, and then must assign those candidates that qualify to exam resources that are appropriate for their status. Physical resources such as testing facilities, workstations, operatories, equipment and appropriate tools, etc. must be juggled along with human resources like proctors, and sometimes patient/volunteers (if appropriate to the type of exam). One of the byproducts of all *-this activity is the necessity of subdividing the candidate pool into communication lists based on events and completions of steps in the process. Manual list management is necessary for dispatching reminders and other exam-oriented communication, and for payment reminders.

How Clarus Makes It Better:

Clarus replaces homegrown candidate tracking and verification systems by moving all of your collected candidate information into a cloud-based system built from the ground up to allow real-time interaction with candidate information.

No More Syncing
Syncing no longer slows you down because Clarus eliminates it! We bring all of your candidate information AND all of your authorization tasks together into a singular relational data infrastructure. When data is updated in the system, that new information is instantly available to any authorized user of the system. No more syncing also means batch processes and manual data reconciliation are things of the past.

Resource Rejuvenating
One of the great advantages of our cloud-based architecture and flexible data views is the ability to create interfaces tailored to the workflow needs of specific users : This includes interfaces tailored specifically for candidate self-service and 3rd party interactions. By allowing candidates to self-manage their contact, billing and identity information you will alleviate a tremendous burden carried by your administrative staff today. Likewise, appropriate interfaces for queries of candidate verification from authorized 3rd parties and governmental organizations can be configured - further lessening the administrative workload for your staff. These measures and more will streamline your operation and create opportunities to boost organizational performance to a higher level.

Payment Processing is Fully Integrated
Instantly find out who has paid and who hasn't. Send reminders, take payment and be in control to ensure that your cash flow matches your candidate flow.

Integrated Scheduling and Event Based Communication
Clarus greatly simplifies the process of scheduling people and exam resources. Data views allow you to query lists in real-time that match your workflow needs - want to see only the eligible candidates? How about only eligible candidates that haven't yet paid for their exam? Or maybe right now you'd like to send a reminder to all candidates whose credentials will expire in the next three months to let them know it is time to renew - Clarus makes it possible to gather lists like these on demand. You can then use Clarus to communicate with candidates sending them notifications that fit your management tasks such as: schedule confirmations, requests for missing information, payment reminders, room assignments, certification status, renewal reminders - all without having to manually construct lists or copy them into email systems.

Selective Access
Simplifying the data collection and scheduling-oriented communication will save valuable time, but the same infrastructure also allows you to have workflows and views designed for special purpose tasks and 3rd party interactions. Secure access views can be configured for remote access and/or limited interaction privileges as appropriate for tasks that might be done by Exam proctors, Institutional and Jurisdictional users, State Boards, or others. Instead of burdening your staff by making them chase these outside resources for information and verifications, selective access allows these resources to self-serve securely thus becoming assets for your efficiency.

Clarus Keeps The Entire Process In Mind
At every checkpoint in your process, be it registration, validation, renewal, scoring, certificate generation, even payment processing, Clarus is the clear choice for keeping candidate tracking and authorization information at your fingertips.

Clients & Testimonials

The National Dental Board of Canada is extremely pleased with the Crucible & Clarus systems. The system allows for faster, more accurate entry of examiner scores, instant feed back on disagreements and tracking of examiner performance. Data seamlessly flows from one system to another offering a complete solution.

Jack D Gerrow, DDS, Executive Director/Registrar, National Dental Examining Board of Canada

BrightLink [ Clarus ] enabled us to reduce NHA's operational workload by 60% in the same period we doubled our candidate volume. If you need me to go on a roadshow with [BrightLink], just let me know.

Tyson Schmidt, Director of Operations at Ascend Learning - National Healthcareer Association

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